If you decide to package your item for shipment, please follow these rules to help ensure that your package arrives in good condition:

  • If possible use a new box. Boxes that have been reused often are broken down and are not suitable for safe shipment

  • Use heavy-duty packaging tape, NOT DUCT TAPE! Duct tape is great for 99% of applications out there, but does not stick well to corrugated cardboard

  • Use bubble wrap, packing peanuts or air-paks and try to avoid using newspaper as it does not provide the necessary protection against shocks and drops

  • Leave AT LEAST 2 inches of packing material between your item and the sides of the box

  • If you are reusing a box sent through UPS, please make sure to remove both of the labels seen below. The first is the address label and the second is the routing label. If the routing label remains on the box, the package with reach the terminal and be sent directly back to the location on the routing label

  • Address

    Routing Label

  • If your box has any gashes or holes in it, do not try to make a tape "cocoon" by wrapping your entire package in tape. This does not make the box stronger

  • Remember: Anything you package and insure WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR. You insure your package through UPS and if they deem the packaging insufficient, they will not pay on your claim

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