How can I get a shipping quote?

  • If you would like an approximate shipping quote, give us
    a call at 973.579.1171. All we need to know is the weight of the
    package, the approximate size and the zip code of the destination address.

    What type of items do you NOT ship?

  • We cannot ship alcohol, firearms or ammunition. These require special
    shipping permits that we do not have access to. We also will not ship
    televisions, computer monitors or expensive electronic equipment due
    to the fragile nature of these items.

    When can I expect my package to arrive?

  • The following map has approximate delivery times for packages shipped
    from Kent Industries under Ground shipment. These dates are business days (Monday-Friday)
    and they are approximations, not guaranteed delivery dates.

    Do you ship through DHL?

  • We do not ship through DHL, but you can find the nearest
    DHL drop off box by clicking here.

    Can I ship to P.O. Boxes?

  • UPS is unable to ship to P.O. Boxes as those address
    are Post Office specific and must be mailed through the Post Office.
    In order to ship through UPS we must have a physical street address.

    Does it cost me to drop off my prepaid packages?

  • Kent Industries does not charge a fee for UPS Prepaid drop-off
    packages. Please note however that while we do not charge, there
    is a good chance the company you are returning the package
    to will deduct a portion from your credit for return shipping.

    A proper UPS return label with an "RS" or "ARS" label
    is pictured below.

    What if I have a UPS account number?

  • We are more than happy to ship your package on a UPS
    account number. We only charge a $2 processing fee for domestic
    shipments and a $5 fee for international shipments. Please make sure that you
    have the address of the account holder as we cannot process a
    shipment without this information.

    How do I know if my package arrived?

  • For every package that you ship through us we will
    issue you a receipt which is a copy of the actual label that
    will be attached to your package. On that label will
    be a tracking number that you can track your shipment through

    What happens if my package arrives damaged?

  • Please refer to our page on damaged packages for information on what
    to do if your package is damaged in shipment.

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